New EP released: PC LOVE LETTER

I spent last week writing a lot of songs. I’ve released them as PC LOVE LETTER, a lo-fi EP of 6 vaporwave-inspired original tunes. It’s super spontaneous and by far the fastest a music project has come together for me. It was a lot of fun to write, and I’m really proud of these songs! You can hear it on Bandcamp now!


PC LOVE LETTER is heavily inspired by the sampled-and-looped aesthetic of vaporwave, but without sampling any existing music. It also takes influence from Boards of Canada, jazz fusion, and Japanese city pop.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Putting this EP together was also a welcome break from working on my next album, Future Human, and I’m feeling reinvigorated to put the finishing touches on that to get it ready to be heard soon!

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Back to Saturn X OST Vol. 1 released

By popular request, all of my songs from Back to Saturn X episodes 1 and 2 are now finally grabbable on BandCamp, yours for free or any price of your choosing!

Back to Saturn X OST Vol. 1

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Back to Saturn X Episode 1 is out of beta!

At long last, Back to Saturn X Episode I: Get Out Of My Stations has escaped its overextended public beta period and a “final” version has been released into the wild!

The update includes a new secret map courtesy of Skillsaw, as well as all sorts of major and minor overhauls to the rest of the set.

Download 1.1.4

Runs with Doom2.exe and with most popular advanced source ports, including GZDoom, Eternity Engine, and PrBoom-Plus.


P.S. An update to episode 2 is coming soon, too, really 🙂

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Future Human

Coming soon: my synthwave album, Future Human.

Here’s a work-in-progress mix of the opening track, Worldline:2036:

I’ve also updated my demo reels with all sorts of new content, including some previews from Future Human. I’m really pleased with the amount of variety in these — my old demo reels were missing a lot of the things I’m doing nowadays, and these feel much more representative.

Last but not least, there’s some new Back to Saturn X stuff in the pipeline. Promise!

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The Incredible Baron arrives!

The Incredible Baron is here! It’s a cartoony sidescrolling strategy game from FlatRedBall, with a Super Nintendo aesthetic and an original soundtrack by me in a classic Donkey Kong Country-esque style.

The game is available on Google Play and Windows Store, and the complete soundtrack is available for download from my BandCamp page. The game will soon be available on the App Store for iOS, too.

The Incredible Baron was loads of fun to work on, and I look forward to working with the FlatRedBall guys again in the future.

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Back to Saturn X E2 Enters Public Beta

Back to Saturn X E2

Back to Saturn X E2

Nearly two years since the first public appearance of Back to Saturn X‘s first episode, Get Out Of My Stations, the second episode has finally gone public.
Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks features 27 new maps spanning a variety of themes including gothic temples, dilapidated ruins, rusty industrial outposts, and more. As with the first episode, all texture artwork and music are original work by the BTSX team.


Download link and more information here.

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New music: Back to Saturn X MIDIs!

The site has been quiet for a while, but I haven’t been inactive! Among other things, I’ve been hard at work on Back to Saturn X (BTSX), a massive Doom project for which I’ve contributed a lot of texture artwork, level design, and of course music. At some point during the project’s development I decided to get my feet wet composing MIDI files, and quickly got so comfortable with it that I think the Back to Saturn X soundtrack features a lot of my best songs to date!

I’ve created a YouTube playlist comprising 12 of my compositions for BTSX, many of which are from the yet-to-be-released second and third episodes of the project. So a lot of these will be new for everyone, not just people who haven’t played Back to Saturn X Episode 1 yet 🙂

Among them are ambient soundscapes like “Waiting” and “Lurking”, synthy modtracker-inspired tracks like “Clonk”, and elaborate multi-part midi rock compositions like “Ether” and “Egypt”. Headphones are recommended; there’s a lot of layering in these.

For those familiar with my other released music, these will sound quite a bit different, and decidedly more oldschool. It’s not quite chiptune music, but it does have a very distinct retro videogame sound to it. Don’t let that scare you away, though — I’m really proud of these songs, and didn’t want to wait for BTSX episodes 2 and 3 to be finished for them to get heard.

Back to Saturn X itself is still in endless development, but a public beta of Episode 1: Get Out Of My Stations is currently available for your Dooming pleasure!

As a side note, I’ve also made the entirety of my 2011 album Seventeen More Times available on YouTube, For Your Convenience™.

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