Sarah Mancuso

Freelance Composer

Hi, I'm Sarah! I love writing music and crying about anime.

I'm a member of Aether Interactive and Studio Élan, and I'm currently working on music for upcoming releases from both of them.

In my spare time, I'm the leader of the ongoing Back to Saturn X series of Doom II fangames, to which I've contributed music, artwork, and level design. I've also recorded several albums of electronic music under the Esselfortium moniker, most recently the PC Love Letter EP.

If you'd like to get in touch about commissioning music or just want to say hi, feel free to send me a message!

Sarah has been a joy to work with in every sense of the word. Always reliable, endlessly patient, and shockingly versatile, working with her is both a treat and a pleasure. She's an excellent addition to any team or project.

Josh Kaplan, Studio Élan

Sarah Mancuso is, without a doubt, the best composer I’ve ever hired for a project. She is not just a highly engaged, participative member of the team — something you would be very fortunate to be gifted with from the start — she cares incredibly deeply about ensuring her contributions to the project fit with the creative vision, and furthering that vision any way she can. She proactively investigates your ideas and inspirations; she checks in several times during the production process with endless revisions of her work. Best of all, Sarah so consistently went above and beyond her duties as a composer, and worked diligently with kindness and competence, that I must confess: I can ask for no better in a composer, team member, or human being.

Sophia Park, Aether Interactive

I’ve been working with Sarah for the past several months on my latest project. Her portfolio and familiarity with multiple genres is impressive, and the quality of her work more than speaks for itself. However, her most glowing attribute would be her timeliness and work ethic. Her respect for the development schedule, and her willingness to communicate, removes a lot of stress from the process. There have been numerous examples of her perfecting a track to my liking, and every time, she approaches it with an energy and efficiency I don’t often see in game development.

Syon Santeria, Coattails Studio

Selected Credits

Here’s an abridged selection of projects I’ve contributed music to. For released music, see my page on BandCamp.

Title Developer Year
Subserial Network Aether Interactive 2018
Heart of the Woods Studio Élan 2018
Coin Time/Fruity Falls Xamarin 2016
The Incredible Baron FlatRedBall 2013

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