I write music for games, and I want to create a great original soundtrack to your latest masterpiece. I can match your visual concepts to sounds and melodies that create an emotional anchor to your game’s universe.

I’ve been composing music since 2004, and pride myself on the high quality and versatility of my work. My catalog spans microdetailed ambient soundscapes, upbeat electronic, jazzy Super Nintendo jams, electroacoustic world music, solo piano pieces, and more.

I love crafting unusual sounds, and I can emulate specific styles or sounds on request. I live and breathe music, and I’m always seeking new directions to take my music in.

My rates are variable, dependent on your project’s needs, budget, and schedule. Send me an email for more information.


Demo Reels:


Reviews and Testimonials:

The result was immediately impressive. I often found myself listening to it throughout the day – a rarity in game development since the soundtrack is often heard many times throughout the process of making a game.

Despite initial deliverables being of amazing quality, and despite my assurances that the songs were production-ready, Esselfortium insisted on revising the songs to perfection. The end result is the best soundtrack on any game I’ve ever worked on, and one of the best soundtracks for any game ever made. I can’t get enough of it!

I look forward to working with Esselfortium again, and I’m certain we’ll be able to add another soundtrack to our all-time-favorites list when we do.

Victor Chelaru, developer, on The Incredible Baron


The very first level opens with this gorgeous piece that just builds and builds until I’m so filled with this achy, weird longing for I-don’t-know-what and I’m utterly in love with everything… I don’t know any other videogame that could put that kind of emotional fishhook into me right from the get-go. […]

I’d also have to give special mention to the music that plays in the recurring hub area, which I can only describe as haunting.

Digitaleidoscope, on Back to Saturn X: Get Out Of My Stations