New music: Back to Saturn X MIDIs!

The site has been quiet for a while, but I haven’t been inactive! Among other things, I’ve been hard at work on Back to Saturn X (BTSX), a massive Doom project for which I’ve contributed a lot of texture artwork, level design, and of course music. At some point during the project’s development I decided to get my feet wet composing MIDI files, and quickly got so comfortable with it that I think the Back to Saturn X soundtrack features a lot of my best songs to date!

I’ve created a YouTube playlist comprising 12 of my compositions for BTSX, many of which are from the yet-to-be-released second and third episodes of the project. So a lot of these will be new for everyone, not just people who haven’t played Back to Saturn X Episode 1 yet 🙂

Among them are ambient soundscapes like “Waiting” and “Lurking”, synthy modtracker-inspired tracks like “Clonk”, and elaborate multi-part midi rock compositions like “Ether” and “Egypt”. Headphones are recommended; there’s a lot of layering in these.

For those familiar with my other released music, these will sound quite a bit different, and decidedly more oldschool. It’s not quite chiptune music, but it does have a very distinct retro videogame sound to it. Don’t let that scare you away, though — I’m really proud of these songs, and didn’t want to wait for BTSX episodes 2 and 3 to be finished for them to get heard.

Back to Saturn X itself is still in endless development, but a public beta of Episode 1: Get Out Of My Stations is currently available for your Dooming pleasure!

As a side note, I’ve also made the entirety of my 2011 album Seventeen More Times available on YouTube, For Your Convenience™.